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FC Cincinnati's Saad Abdul-Salaam launching financial literacy program with local public schools

FC Cincinnati defender Saad Abdul-Salaam is partnering with Cincinnati Public Schools to launch a free financial literacy program at the city's West High School.

Abdul-Salaam is collaborating with University of Bristol scholar Jatali Bellanton, as well as his financial advisor, Jordan Awoye, to create “Kids Who Bank." The program aims to deliver financial knowledge to a youthful audience that may not otherwise have access to valuable information on managing their finances.

“I’m excited for the kids at West High to go through the program, because I wish I had been able to take advantage of a program like this when I was their age,” Abdul-Salaam said in a release. “This program is going to give them the life skills to be successful no matter which career path they choose."

The partnership was announced Monday, the first day of Black History Month, on the official website of Black Players for Change, of which Abdul-Salaam is a member.

Abdul-Salaam, who has also played for Sporting Kansas City, New York City FC and the Seattle Sounders since his MLS career began in 2015, has focused his off-the-pitch advocacy on bringing financial literacy and awareness to youth in communities of color. Throughout his professional career, the 29-year-old has received guidance on financial literacy from Awoye.

“Having Jordan as my financial advisor and good friend has shown me the value of financial knowledge,” Abdul-Salaam said. “Learning to save, invest, gain assets and create generational wealth has changed my life.”

Full information on the program and Abdul-Salaam's role can be found here.

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