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Financial Planning
Financial Planning

At Awoye Capital, our goal is to give you financial clarity and tranquility. Our holistic financial planning approach takes into account all aspects of your financial life.

We believes that the most valuable service you can receive from a financial professional is clarity and peace of mind. We truly want you to experience the peace of knowing you're on track to meet your life goals, while also ensuring your family's financial protection.

Our expertise spans across every facet of your financial landscape - be it cash management, investments, insurance, tax planning, retirement, philanthropy, or estate planning. Here's how we make it happen:

Our Process:

  1. First we take time to get to know who you are. What are your goals, fears, and your ultimate ‘why’ for working work with a financial advisor.

  2. Next we identify, quantify and prioritize your financial goals.

  3. After gathering and analyzing your financial information, we provide customized recommendations designed to help increase the probability of you reaching your goals.

  4. We then help you implement our recommendations by educating you on solutions or products you might want to use. With our independent business structure, you can be sure that you’re getting unbiased recommendations.

  5. Lastly, we track your progress over time through regular service meetings. This will ensure that your plan is working and allow us to make any necessary adjustments along the way.

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Investment Management

We understand that you have enough things on your plate and do not have the time to watch CNBC and every other finance platform just to stay on top of your finances. That's where our premier investment management services step in, keeping your life and financial aspirations at the heart of every investment decision, tailor-made for you, your business and your family.

Our investment management approach is designed to create a strategic plan for your financial assets, whether your focus is on short-term gains or long-term growth.


We offer an extensive array of investment management services, meticulously tailored to cater to our clients' diverse needs, such as:

  • Comprehensive financial planning

  • Access to venture capital & private investments

  • Risk tolerance review

  • Continual investment portfolio planning & enhancement

  • In-person, virtual, and phone meetings

  • Education webinars & online account access

Investment Management
Retirement Planning
Retirement Planning

There are many factors to consider, both before, during and after you decide to retire. Our financial planning process will help walk you through it. Many of our clients utlize sophisticated, highly specialized retirement planning strategies designed to protect their wealth while providing for the lifestyle they desire. Once their plans are in place, we monitor the performance – and keep an eye on changes in tax code, financial markets and economic trends that might affect them.

  • Individualized retirement planning

  • Specialized analysis

  • Ongoing plan update

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Planning for life, means planning for the unexpected. Insurance is never a fun topic, but protecting the people and things that means the most to you is worth the conversation. Awoye Capital first finds out whats your true reason for wanting insurance and how do you intend to use it. Then we teach you how the right insurance coverage could offset everyday risks. Next we help search the marketplace for affordable policies from reputable carriers. Helping you understand exactly what you are paying for and ensure that each step of the process moves smoothly. Our insurance planning can uncover and fix holes to create a comprehensive financial plan. 


Awoye Capital specializes in the following types of individual insurance:

  • Life insurance

  • Disability insurance

  • Long-term care insurance

Tax Planning
Financial Report
Tax Planning

Without careful planning, it's very possible to have a higher tax bill than needed.


Our tax planning services aim to help keep taxes low today and in the future. We accomplish this through:

  • Working hand and hand with your CPA or tax advisor

  • Annual Roth Conversions

  • Coordination & Timing of Income Streams (e.g. Pension, Social Security, Required Minimum Distributions, etc.)

  • Asset Allocation

  • Utilizing deferred compensation, defined contribution, stock options and other strategic financial vehicles

  • Charitable Giving Strategies

  • We also stay up-to-date with the ever-changing tax laws to ensure you are taking advantage of every opportunity.

Real Estate

Many of our clients either hold real estate investments when they come to us or are looking to invest in real estate to expand their financial portfolio. Most of these real estate holdings produce income, while others yield significant tax benefits. We work and advise clients in every step of the real estate investing process.. Here are some ways we help:


  • Assessing cash flow and liquidity ratio for possible RE investing

  • Create investment diversification strategy to integrate new real estate holding

  • Educate on unique risks tied to RE

  • Work with Mortgage lenders, RE Broker, and/ or Attorney if needed.

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Real Estate
Cash Flow Planning

Financial freedom starts with managing your cash flow and budget!

For our cash flowing planning, we identify and track client's income and expenses. Create a budget to help better optimize clients cash flow to reach financial goals.


When cash flow planning, we assess:

  • Income VS Expenses

  • Current and projected expenses

  • Real estate investments

  • Positive vs. Negative gearing (if you have real estate investments)

  • Paying insurance premiums

  • How will interest rate changes affect you?

  • Optimal use of surplus income

  • Creating positive cash flow

  • Stocks and Bonds

  • Dividends

  • Stock market cash strategies

  • Charitable giving

  • Relocation plans

  • Health care costs

  • Foreseeable life events (marriage, divorce, children, etc)

Cash Flow Planning
Estate Planning
Estate Planning

Estate planning lets you dictate how your assets will be handled if you pass away or become disabled in some capacity. Awoye Capital can build a plan that achieves your vision and ensures your life wishes are carried through. Without an estate plan, client assets, and in some cases medical care decisions, would be handled by the state in which that person resides. We recommend that everybody that estate planning applies to, should develop a comprehensive estate plan. How we work to build your estate plan:


  • Work with your attorney or recommend estate attorney to create or maintain certain documents. Wills, Trust, Power of Attorney, etc

  • Ongoing beneficiary and trust reviews for all accounts.

  • Work with accountant/cpa to handle estate transfers and create/monitor estate tax strategy.

  • Consistently monitor insurances and risk management strategies

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