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The New Generation of Upscale Wealth Management

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About Us

As the world of finance  and wealth management grows more complex, the more you need a firm who listen, cares, and can grow with you. Awoye Capital is an independent fee-based Financial Planning and Wealth Management firm that stands at the intersection of advice, asset management, and financial protection. Helping our clients develop a plan towards reaching financial independence. Partnered with some of the largest financial companies in the industry, we put our experience and knowledge to use to help ensure that clients receive the highest level of money management.

What We Offer

Cash Flow Planning

Identify and track client's income and expenses. Create a budget to help better optimize clients cash flow to reach financial goals.

Debt Management

Develop a strategy to pay off credit cards, loans., and/or any associated debt.

Feel the weight lifted as you reduce your debt.

Investment Planning

Build a diversified and low expense investment portfolio to align with your financial objectives. 

College Planning 

Create a saving and investment strategy to help pay for you or your kids college. 

Choosing the right strategy can help you be better prepared for tuition cost.  

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